Friday, 30 April 2010

UFO Matrix Magazine

Philip Mantle has posted the following update on UFO Matrix - the sponsors of Weird 10.

I am pleased to announce that the new 100 page full colour newsstand publication UFO MATRIX MAGAZINE will be launched on July 29th 2010. The first issue will go on sale in the UK and can be purchased in all of the usual high street outlets. This new bi-monthly publication will deal with any and all aspects of the UFO subject.

This new publication is edited by Philip Mantle and assistant editor Malcolm Robinson. It has an international line-up of columnists including: Nick Pope (UK), Mike Hallowell (UK), Steve Johnson (UK), Peter Robbins (USA), Scott Corrales (USA), Clas Svahn (Sweden), Lee Paqui (Australia) and Sheryl Gottschall (Australia).

The first issue will see features such as: A Conversation with Kenneth Arnold by the late Bob Pratt and Roswell and the Senator by Don Schmitt. The Isodoro Ferri UFO landing case from Italy also demonstrates the international scope of this publication. We will also have UFO sightings, encounters, news and reviews and Dr David Clarke looks back at this years MoD UFO files in the UK. Some recent UFO photographs from different parts of the world are also featured. In short, if you are interested in the UFO subject then this magazine has something for everyone.

UFO MATRIX MAGAZINE will be published on July 29th 2010 and you can reserve your copy now at our web site: At the moment we are only taking subscriptions from the UK and Europe but the USA/rest of the world will follow shortly.

UFO MATRIX MAGAZINE is also open to submissions from any interested parties and submissions enquiries should be directed to the editor at:

UFO MATRIX MAGAZINE are also pleased to announce that they are the official sponsors of this years WEIRD 10 conference.


  1. It is possible to travel through time, in the time it took to read the first word in this post, you could of just went through a portal and lived billions of lives and this is just one, in this life it is possible for you to clean up proof of existence of your other lifes in different forms of existance. I may be replying because you or I have remebered after millions of lifes that we met at one time, now we travel in pairs.We clean up and carry information from each life of technoligy to the next life, where it is just enough to keep ahead of the life we are in from the rest of the world finding out this possible system is real.

  2. Please make a community link for world wide telescope.

  3. idea about the first posts but the new mag looks great and I am about to read it!

  4. Interesting, need to know more.

  5. time travel? you say, as of now impossible to human to travel the speed of light. but wait u can also travel to the next dimension by using devil's black magic it can generate wormhole's in second you try to play weird game like "spirit of the glass" to play cards on your own at the cemetery at 12:00mid or try this one go to a cemetery find a newly dead baby with no baptismal it is alive if you see cut the smallest finger using your mouth also 12:00mid walk and don't turn your head back if somethings calling your name if you are at the outside of cemetery put the finger in a black cloth..... response me if you finish the game i have some instructions for you how to use that power...

  6. We need more UFO Magazines (All types) the USA and Wisconsin!

  7. The ideas of time-travel and wormholes are all results of Einstein's theory of General Relativity. This theory, although accurate at describing and predicting the interplay between mass/energy and spacetime, is a theory that is incomplete. The math produces singularities. This isn't your simple 1/R where we let R go to zero. The singularities in GR are actual "holes" in the pseudo-Riemannian manifold. The topology becomes nonsensical. Furthermore, the theory does not take into account any quantum effects nearing such singularities. A new Grand Unified Theory is needed for this, which unifies General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics. Thus, talking about wormholes, time-travel and other GR effects is pointless since we do not yet posses a complete theory of physics. We can only speculate about UFO technologies but be limited to our own current understanding of science.

  8. Hello,

    Does anyone know anything about this book, The Memphis UFO, on amazon? I've heard something very special about it, and I wonder what others think, before I read it... It was also in the local news (

    Also, while I was looking at it I ran across some sort of a new statistical analysis of UFO events, released by a science group called The UAP Panel. Their report on amazon gives some sort of scientific measurement on each and every reported UFO incident from about 2000 years ago to now (Unidentified Airborne Phenomena, Novel Statistical Analysis Results of UFO Reports from 250 to Present Time). Does anyone know about this, as well?


    Adrian Keller
    Mathematics Professor