Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The End of this blog

Weird has moved to a more magazine/article type web page and as such we are shutting down this information blog.  Our updates can now be read on our main webpage or on our facebook page.
Our thanks to anyone who has been following this blog, please stay with us, but in a different format at

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Last day to save 20% on Weird 11 tickets

Our on-line deal to save 20% off the cost of a Weird 11 weekend pass ends at midnight tonight!  You can buy your tickets through our on-line shop and find out more about the speakers and other activities this weekend on our website.

Tickets will be available on the door to purchase on the day also!

Come on down to the Swindon MECA for a fantastic weekend of speakers, live music, market stalls, fancy dress, food, drink and a fantastic atmosphere!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Only TWO days to go

The on-line sales desk closes at midnight tomorrow!  You can still order tickets for collection at the reception on the day of the event and STILL save 20% on the weekend pass.  The saving is only available on-line and not on the door during the event!

For more details see our main website - do you really want to miss this event?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Only a few days to go! Are you really going to miss Weird this year?

The world is full of the strange, mysterious and the unexplained. What are UFOs? What is the cause of paranormal activity? How did the Egyptians build their monuments and what happens after we die?

These are just some of the subjects being discussed at the Weird 11, a two day event held in Swindon, Wiltshire on the 17th and 18th of September.

Weird has established itself as a major national event and this year proudly presents some of the best known researchers and authors in the UK today. Some names you will recognise from TV documentaries and some from their best selling novels. Weird also recognises the need to promote new speakers and has also invited researchers not seen before to present their research to the public.

This year our are Robert Bauval , Graham Hancock, Andy Thomas, Marcus Allen, Lucy Wyatt, Andrew Gough, Richard Lennie, Nick Pope, Anthony Peake and Tony Eccles. This line-up has been independently rated as the best line-up at any event in the UK this year , feedback Weird was very proud to receive.

All the way from Germany we have special guests who will be showing off their Hypgnagogic Light Machine as well as the unique and fantastic art from Step Shurman.
Malcolm Robinson will be returning as our host in 2011 and will be on stage to introduce the event and introduce the speakers.

Weird also presents a live music set by the Southampton based band ‘The Program Initiative’. This young band have featured on the videos produced for this years event and their one hour set promises to be a fantastic audio and visual experience.

Throughout the weekend there is a large market area to browse through plus refreshments will be available at the venue.

Don’t miss out on the UK’s premier event! More details on the speakers, Hotels, travelling to Swindon and much more is available at

Dates: 17th and 18th September 2011, Doors Open: 8:30am – 7:30pm.
Venue: M.E.C.A, Regent Circus, Swindon, SN1 1PL
Tickets £25 per day. (Buy Sat & Sun ticket in advance and save 20% - ONLINE OFFER ONLY)
Telephone Hotline: 01793 484510 / 074321 55723

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weird 11 Events Program

The Weird 11 events program is available for download

These programs are available free at the event, but you can download your copy now and bring it along with you.

Don't miss out on Weird 11!  Twelve Great Speakers including Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, Andy Thomas and Marcus Allen, not to mention live music, market stall area, refreshments and evening entertainment.  Your host for the weekend is Malcolm Robinson.

Less than one week to go.  Buy your tickets at our website and don't miss out on this great weekend!

The Program Initiative Live at Weird 11

This year the sound of Weird 11 is provided by the up and coming band 'The Program Initiatve'.  Featuring an up-beat tempo and original track list, TPI are one of THE bands to see in 2011. 

Their latest album, available at Weird 11 will be performed by the group on the Sunday. 

This is no ordinary set by a band.  The sometimes guitar overdrive rock and sometimes ethereal music of TPI is accompanied by a projected story board - The Anomaly.

This is a fantastic music show and not to be missed!

Check out their music!

Hypgnagogic Light Experience Comes to Weird 11

Extreme situations – i.e. during a near-death experience, in high-performance sports or deep meditation – can trigger physical or mental regeneration processes that lead to a realignment of the entire organism. In this context, interdisciplinary research demonstrated as early as in the 1980s a noticeable increase in quality of life to the point of spontaneous healing.

The persons concerned mentioned the encounter with a very bright light as the cause of these positive changes. The Viennese neurologist and founder of logo-therapy and existential analysis Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997) described the spiritual dimension of the human being as an instance outside the range of illness.

The HYPGNAGOGIC LIGHT EXPERIENCE “taps” into this source of health in the light.
The HYPNAGOGIC LIGHT EXPERIENCE produces effortlessly and without long hours of practice:

• Quick and sustained deep relaxation
• The feeling of being outside one’s body
• Spiritual or transcendental experiences
• Being beyond time and space
• “Deceleration”
• Enhanced joy of living
• Increased learning aptitude and achievement potential

The clinical therapeutic application of the HYPNAGOGIC LIGHT EXPERIENCE has been successful in treating:

• Fear and depression
• Trauma and other psychological symptoms
• Pain
• Dependence and addiction (in prevention and therapy)
• Life and identity crises
• Burn-out
• Insomnia
• Sexual disorders and loss of libido

At Weird 11 you can see a demonstration of this machine and meet the creators!

More information available at
Tickets for Weird 11 are available at: